A designer from Osaka moved into Kamiyama attracted to beautiful mountain forests. He later learns that the forests are all manmade and they have a serious negative impact on our water supply. What can he do as a designer? This very question lead to the Shizq Project. Corrupted industry of forestry has lead cedar forests everywhere in Japan to be abandoned and neglected. Declined water retention capacity is making the volume of our rivers to drop gradually day by day. Japanese cedar trees are often said to posses no value nowadays. We seek to discover new values in them to make a small financial gear that drives us all to tackle the problem. We started the project in 2013 as part of “Forest Revival with Design” experiment by Green Valley — a non-profit organization in Kamiyama. We made dishes and bowls using the cedar timbers cut out of forests in Kamiyama. We believe you could use some warmth of the wood in your everyday life. We will be pleased if you think of the forests and the rivers in Kamiyama using our handmade tableware. * Product sales goes into Kamiyama Shizq Project for making the environment in Kamiyama better. Inquiry: 90 Uetsuno, jinryo Kamiyama Myozai-gun, Tokushima 771-3310 Japan Kinetoscope Kamiyama Satellite TEL: 088-636-7292 FAX: 088-636-7293 Email: info@shizq.jp Business Hours: 10:00 through 18:00 weekdays