SHIZQ Tsuru Tableware Set
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SHIZQ Tsuru Tableware Set

49,800 JPY

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The complete set of the Tsuru series, with its impressive wood grain pattern that gives you a sense of transparency and warmth. Cedar from Tokushima Prefecture has reddish heart wood. Although not that suitable as a construction timber or for general woodworking, it does have a characteristic pattern like no other wood. We designed our cups and bowls so that they would utilize this character of cedar to the fullest. The skill of 45 years of woodturning craftsmanship has produced a series of original products that are truly unique. They have taken great pride in the finish, so that you will cherish these products for years to come. The wood is sealed with a special ceramic urethane coating. You can use these products with either hot or cold things. Enjoy the fact that the wood grain in each item is unique. * Products that come in sets will be delivered to you in a gift box. SHIZQ launched a project that gave new value to cedar, a material thought to be unsuitable for dishware. ●Cedar with its red and white wood surface works perfectly as a gift. The color of this cedar was named as Tsuru (crane) and Kame (turtle) for the lacquer. Over 50 years the Japanese cedar trees have been quietly increasing their annual rings. The SHIZQ collection will quietly watch your time as it goes by. SHIZQ dishware will accompany the people using them for times to come.    ◎As a wedding gift   ◎As a gift for one’s family   ◎As a gift for a retiring coworker   ◎As a gift to celebrate the opening or renovation of a store   ◎As a birthday gift   ◎As a silver (25th year) and gold (50th year) wedding anniversary gift The SHIZQ dishware sold exclusively here are unique and thus when purchasing one as a present one does not have to be afraid of giving the same present as someone else. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ●Using the unique traits of cedar When cedar was used as a building material, its red and white color was regarded as a demerit. However, here at SHIZQ we see it a beauty and used its natural gradation from red to white in our products. We also consider the unique wood grains called ‘Ikibushi’ and ‘Habushi’ as important special traits. The way of cutting cedar so that the tree rings overlap is a very luxurious way of using wood. ●There is only one craftsman that is certified to carve wood for SHIZQ dishware. The soft cedar cannot be cut with any commercial tools. There is only one person who can forge a special blade and use a pottery wheel as tools when creating SHIZQ products and this is also one of the reasons why SHIZQ dishware do not exist anywhere else. ●To save ‘SHIZQ’ for our children in the future The amount of river water has been reduced to one-third of what it was thirty years ago in Kamiyamacho of Tokushima prefecture. The Kamiyama SHIZQ project attempts to revive the flow of the river enhancing the mountains water capacity by cutting down overcrowded cedar trees and developing a new method to use cedar. From sawing the local cedars from the state of a log to giving it time to dry naturally, Kamiyama SHIZQ project members are a part of this important process. Compared to what is thought to be common in the woodwork industry, we might be taking the extra step. But despite this fact, we think this is an important method to make quality goods. A special gift box with SHIZQ logo engraving is available (200yen). Please select the size of the gift box on the order screen when purchasing. A message card is included with the gift box. Please write your message in the remarks column. A Noshi service is also available. At the end of the screen, there is an explanation about Noshi. Upon checking this, please write the occasion of the celebration in the remarks column. English version of brochures and instruction manuals for the products are available. If you wish to have one, please write in the remarks column. If you wish to receive a receipt, please write the address and a proviso in the remarks column. Product specifications and details Brand: SHIZQ Designer: Kiyoharu Hirose Material: cedar Surface finish: ceramic urethane(Heat-resisting: 200℃) Each size and capacity, etc... ・ SHIZQ Tsuru Tumbler  Dimensions: H 115 mm x Diameter 80 mm (at brim) / 60 mm (base)  Capacity: 230 cc  Weight: approx. 70 g ・ SHIZQ Tsuru Cup  Dimensions: H 98 mm x Diameter 70 mm (at brim) / 50 mm (base)  Capacity: 120 cc  Weight: approx. 50 g ・SHIZQ Tsuru Multi Bowl  Dimensions: H 55 mm x Diameter 160 mm (top) / 82 mm (base)  Weight: approx. 80 g ・SHIZQ Tsuru Dessert cup  Dimensions: H 60 mm x Diameter 123 mm (top) / 60 mm (base)  Weight: approx. 45 g ・SHIZQ Tsuru Plate S  Dimensions: H 26 mm x Diameter 162 mm  Weight: approx. 95 g Material: cedar Surface finish: Cera Wood About Cera Wood:It is a special urethane coating material containing ceramic. It is resistant to UV rays and it does not get dirty easily. Because of the high functioning coating material, it is safe and easy to clean. After meals, you just need to use soap and sponge, then just rinse it with water. Let it dry naturally or wipe with a dish cloth. (Cera Wood is a registered trade mark belonging to Sanyu Paint Co., Ltd ) CAUTIONS ・Sizes and shapes of individual products may vary slightly, as they are handcrafted by an artisan. ・Please take care when using metal cutlery with these wooden products, as the cutlery may damage them. ・NOT safe in dishwashers, dish driers or other similar devices. ・NOT microwave safe. ・Wash with a sponge, cloth or other non-abrasive item. Use detergents that do not contain abrasives. ・Although these products are heat-processed, do not allow them to come in direct contact with boiling water. They can be safely used with water up to a temperature of around 60℃.