The situation regarding our lack of inventories.

We are very sorry for the lack of inventories, which has been causing problems and giving concerns to customers.

One of the reasons was due to producers not being able to plan ahead to keep up with additional orders. We are thankful that orders have been increasing steadily over the last 6 months. But, at the same time, we only have one craftsman working on it, and he is not a full-time SHIZQ worker.

He has been focusing on our products as a top priority since the launch of SHIZQ 4 years ago.

However, in the midst of increasing orders from us, he also needs to correspond to his other customers handed by his predecessors. At this point, he is finding it difficult to maintain his work flow.

On the other hand, it has been 6 months since Mr.Fujimoto, his trainee, started as an apprenticeship for the SHIZQ project. Unfortunately, his speed is not yet a match to his master.

Please accept our deepest apology for those who have been waiting for the delivery of products.

Now, we believe that this is a crucial year, and we will make our best effort to improve this situation.
10/17 P.S. Despite such circumstances, we are grateful that orders have been increasing day by day.

This year, we will put the upmost effort to produce our main product, the large sake glasses.

Fujimoto’s work of sake cups was merchandized for the first time this summer, although his production is not yet keeping up with orders.

 *Other products beside sake cups are also available with make-to-order. If you don’t mind the possible late delivery, we will still be able to accept orders.

Make-to-order production schedule

Clear coating crane series: approximately 2 to 3 months

Lacquer coating turtle series: approximately 4 to 6 months

Thank you for your support and understanding.