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Prices displayed include sales tax of 8%.


We accept credit card payments. Payments are settled at the time the customer orders our products.

<Return Policy>

We do not accept any returns or exchanges unless the product you purchased is defective.


Our products are handmade on turning lathes by craftsmen in Tokushima. Because we produce our products on order, delivery time may range between 2 to 6 month unless a stock is available at the time. Please also note that the grain pattern is never the same as the displayed product.


Name of Business:

132 Nakatsu, Jinryo
Myozai-gun, Tokushima
771-3310 Japan

NPO Green Valley

Product sales:

90 Uetsuno, jinryo
Myozai-gun, Tokushima
771-3310 Japan

Kinetoscope Kamiyama Satellite

TEL&FAX: 088-636-7292
Email: info@shizq.jp
Business Hours: 10:00 through 18:00 weekdays